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Baptist Church

  • The Bible is God’s inerrant Word and the authoritative guide for our lives.


  • There is one God who exists in three persons, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit


  • Because sin entered the world and is passed down to everyone, no one can be   saved from the penalty of sin by him or her self.


  • The only salvation from this condemnation is through Christ’s payment when He died on the cross.


  • In order to be saved from the penalty of sin, one must be born again or saved  through the

Holy Spirit of God.


  • Faith in Christ and repentance of sin are necessary in order for the Holy Spirit to bring about your salvation.


  • The church is an assembly of born again, baptized believers growing spiritually and giving others the Good News (the Gospel)


  • The Lord Jesus will set up an earthly Kingdom after the Great Tribulation and Second Coming.


  • When a believer’s earthly life is over, he or she will enjoy a life of eternal joy in Heaven while unbelievers will suffer eternally in Hell.



What We Believe



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